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And exactly, coming out to the crossroads, Igorek said displeasedly:

- Well, let's go to the parking lot to my car.

“Do you want me to paint on it with a carnation so that we can get even?”

— Are you laughing? “Steam came out of his ears, and fire came out of his eyes, he had to slowly release the pressure, otherwise he would burst in the middle of the road

“Of course, didn’t you notice?” I took his arm conciliatoryly.

We reached the parking lot in remarkable silence. Continuing to remain silent, they left.

— In Radishchevo? Igor asked with hatred. - Fasten your belt.

- In Radishchevo a little later, let's first go to Gudkova. I'll apologize to her for not being able to track her boyfriend's movements, and maybe sniff something along the way.



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